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Personal Story: Wayne C. Wilson, Austin, TX

Topic: Bipolar Disorder • Title: “Just Me” • 3rd Place Winner in the 2007 DBSA Facing Us Video Contest, Facing Bipolar Disorder

PSA: Bipolar Disorder

Video Credit: Anthony Wyborny, Long Beach, CA • Topic: Bipolar Disorder

PSA: Depression

Video Credit: Anders Holine, Woodbury, MN • Topic: Depression

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Original Song: "It's Roof Over Our Heads"

Credit: Nathan S.

Original Song: "Mind So Broken"

Credit: Mike A. Corey

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Art: Jewelry

My Recovery from Depression & Anxiety—Sandra B.

Art: Drawing

Cactus Tree—Kurt von Behrmann Online Gallery 48/288

Tip Make sure your group is a recovery group not an illness group

When I started going to a support group I made an effort to talk about my goals and my dreams and the one or two things that were better this week than last week and the one or two thigns I was going to try next week. Little by little this helped the group to start focusing on what we want to be and become and do - and not focus on how ill we were and how bad we felt. Who wants a pity party? I want a life.

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