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Take a break while you view or listen to video & audio presentations in the Media Room.

After all, life itself is a multimedia experience. In our AV room you can: relax and refresh listening to meditations or yoga; identify with others as you view video stories; be inspired browsing our art gallery; be amused by comedy clips; and access a variety of tools to calm or uplift your spirit.

Tip how to stay in the moment

when I stay in the present and not jump ahead or look back, I feel calm centered. I take some deep breaths and close my eyes. Know what you know and breath...a therapist told me that. At the time I had no idea what this new age stuff was all about just that the music was kind of strange and the sessions were expensive without insurance. Now I know what she meant. I tell myself what was , was. and what is , is. we all create our own reality and are given achoice to enjoy our day or at least learn from what happens in our day.

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