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Daily life is filled with ups and downs...charting them is a great way to spot trends affecting your health and treatment. On DBSA Wellness Tracker, you'll track key mental and physical health trends related to your

  • Overall Mood
  • State of Well-Being
  • Mood Disorder Symptoms
  • Lifestyle Choices
  • Physical Health

The Best Bipolar Disorder iPhone and Android Apps of 2017 DBSA Wellness Tracker is an online tool to help you better recognize potential health problems and mood triggers in your daily life. Each section of the DBSA Wellness Report provides helpful information to help you better partner with your clinicians on treatment plans that address your overall health and well-being.

Stay "on track" with DBSA Wellness Tracker. It's easy, takes only a few minutes a day, and like the other tools in the Facing Us Clubhouse, it's free!

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Tip how to stay in the moment

when I stay in the present and not jump ahead or look back, I feel calm centered. I take some deep breaths and close my eyes. Know what you know and breath...a therapist told me that. At the time I had no idea what this new age stuff was all about just that the music was kind of strange and the sessions were expensive without insurance. Now I know what she meant. I tell myself what was , was. and what is , is. we all create our own reality and are given achoice to enjoy our day or at least learn from what happens in our day.

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