Your Online Home for Wellness

We all strive to live a full, healthy and happy life. For individuals living with mood disorders, maintaining wellness presents distinct challenges. The Facing Us Clubhouse is an online home for anyone seeking inspiration and support for a life of health and well-being.




Take a seat on the sofa in the living room and create your personal Journal. Keeping a journal can be very helpful, allowing us to acknowledge any worries or fears in a safe, private place. It’s also a great place for daily reflections, creative writing or gratitude practice. Add as many journal entries as you like, as often as you like and print your journal at any time. You can even select a beautiful piece of artwork for your cover. All your journal entries are private and can be viewed only by you.

Wellness Plan


Pull up to the desk in the study and invest some time creating a personal Wellness Plan. We’ll walk you through a step by step program for creating an action plan to help keep your day, and life, on course—putting you in control of your wellness. A wellness plan is a map to living a more balanced and healthy life. It prepares you, and those who support you, to better handle any difficult moments that illness might bring. Your wellness plan is private and can be viewed only by you.

Wellness Book


Collect recipes for success in the kitchen that you can stash in your personal Wellness Book. In your wellness book, you can record tips/advice on things you can do to help live better each day. You can also read tips others have submitted and, if you’d like, add them to your own wellness book. “Write” a book of tips for yourself or for a friend. You’ll be able to choose a beautiful cover from our gallery of art. You can share as many tips as you wish, but your personal wellness book is private.

Media Room


Take a break while you view or listen to video & audio presentations in the Media Room. After all, life itself is a multimedia experience. In our AV room you can: relax and refresh listening to meditations or yoga; identify with others as you view video stories; be inspired browsing our art gallery; be amused by comedy clips; and access a variety of tools to calm or uplift your spirits.



Step outside onto the clubhouse deck to connect to important Resources. Here you’ll find many links to connect you with additional information about, and resources for, mood disorders. The more you know, the more empowered you’ll be to take control of your life, your treatment and your future.

Creativity Center


Grab a piece of sidewalk chalk, do some imaginative doodling… and find your creative outlet in the Dave’s Spark Creativity Center! This part of the Clubhouse celebrates the creative spark and the important role it plays in living a full and meaningful life. Here, you’ll find onlin workshops to help you learn how to use your own crativity as a wellness tool and podcasts that let you “eavesdrop” on musicians, authors, researchers, artists and experts as they talk about the creative process.

Wellness Tracker


Head up the stairs to invest in your overall wellness calendar. Daily life is filled with ups and downs… charting them on DBSA Wellness Tracker is a great way to spot trends related to your Mood, Symptoms, Life Style and Physical Health. And you can create reports to help you better partner with your clinicians on treatment plans that address your overall health and well-being.



If you live with depression or bipolar disorder—or are simply seeking inspiration and support for living a full, healthy and happy life—the Facing Us Clubhouse is your online home for wellness. Inside, you'll find tips and tools to ease your mind and lighten your heart. You can keep an online journal, create a wellness plan, share tips, visit our multimedia room and much more! Join us now for a quick tour and see how you can open the door to wellness.

Facing Us Radio


Turn up the volume on the Facing Us Radio! Tune in to the Top 16 songs from our 2008 Music Contest and create a playlist of your favorites!



And last but not least, reach out to others you know by sending them an E-Postcard. Invite them to join the Facing Us Clubhouse, send a birthday greeting or simply let them know you’re thinking of them.

Start Today!


The Facing Us Clubhouse offers features built just for you. Sign up today to take full advantage of them. All we ask for is an email address and password to get started. This way, when you add a journal entry, create a wellness tip, or save a favorite video, it will be here when you return! And, while you’re gone, all of your personal stuff stays safe and private.