Facing Us '08 Music Contest

DBSA and Dave's Spark hosted the Facing Us 2008 Music Contest to recognize and embrace the creative spark of so many individuals who live with mood disorders. We are proud to announce the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners, as selected by peers and the public:

  • 1st Place "Never Mind" by Radio Jesus (Ray Henry Ulrich)
    Ray is a lifelong artist, performer and musician. His current music project is called "Radio Jesus," for which he writes, performs and produces all music and has released a CD titled Reaper in the Garden.
  • 2nd Place "Break Your Heart" by Miria (S. Miria Jo) Miria, a singer/songwriter from chilly New England, now lives in sunny Los Angeles, where she co-produced the first Los Angeles Women's Music Festival: http://www.lawmf.com.
  • 3rd Place "Lifetime" by Ben Mitchell Arthur From Montgomery, Alabama, Ben is a vocalist, lyricist and graphic designer living in recovery from depression, schizophrenia, and substance use. His music, and his personal reflections about mental illness, have been featured on local and national public radio.

Music Sample of 3 Winners

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Additional Finalists (Alphabetical by artist's last name)

Ben de la Garza Bassett - "Your World, My Axis"
Kathryn W. Boehm - "Steering by a Star"
Sam Dauphinais - "Song about a Girl"
Kevin Earley - "The Sum of All Things"
Esme - "Drowningtime"
Ken Flagg - "Crack Baby"
Fred Kohn - "Nanite Invasion"
Joe LaChance - "Tell Me How Things Should Be"
Maureen Murphy - "In One Night"
Justin Schwenk - "Serotonin"
Steve Sullivan - "Think I'm Going to Heaven"
Johnathan Thomas - "Better Days"
John David Wrong - "The Outside"

Listen to the Top 16 Finalists

Among the Facing Us 2008 Music Contest finalists' songs, you'll find love songs, personal stories and musings that run the gamut of musical styles—rock, bluegrass, instrumental, folk, experimental, country, alternative, hip hop, contemporary piano. You can listen to the work of these talented artists several different ways on FacingUs.org:

  • Listen at any time in the Radio section of the Media Room.
  • Register as a Clubhouse member to create a personal playlist on the Facing Us Radio with your favorite songs to listen to as you work on your wellness plan, books or journal... or when you're in any room in the Clubhouse.

Tip Courage

Never, ever give up. Believe that your real self is still there behind the illness. This is one time in your life when stubborness becomes a virtue!