Facing Us Radio

Turn up the volume on the Facing Us Radio! Tune in to the winning songs that were voted finalists in our 2008 Music Contest. Create a playlist of your favorites, and listen to them while you visit other rooms in the Clubhouse. Let the music play!

To create or access your personalized playlist from the Facing Us Radio feature, you will need to register on this site. Doing this will create a personal account for you. Drop into the Radio section of the Media Room if you'd like to hear the songs that are available on Facing Us Radio before you register.

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Tip Remembering ...

Remember, you are not your moods - your thoughts - your emotions, you are a bright human being waiting for this moment to pass. Your mood, your thoughts and your emotions are all unique aspects of how you experience life, they overlap, yet each deserves its' own attention and respect. With a mood, you can still think effectively and feel the depth of your experience with coherence. The mood is real and temporary, it will pass, know that you are all you are and have been through it all.