Creativity Workshops

Writing is a wonderful form of creative expression that everyone can engage in, and benefit from. Join Elizabeth Maynard Schaefer, PhD, author of Writing through the Darkness: Easing Your Depression with Paper and Pen, for a virtual workshop on how journaling, blogging and/or creative writing can help ease emotional trauma and depressive symptoms—and even improve the immune system. (View our presenter biographies.)

Sparking Creativity in Healing

A 50-minute video of a workshop delivered at the DBSA 2008 National Conference

Elizabeth Maynard Schaefer, PhD, is a science journalist, mental health advocate and pioneer in using creative writing as a tool for easing depression. Since 1998, she has led a unique creative writing program for people with mood disorders, meeting at the Stanford University Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences. This group draws members from across the San Francisco Bay Area and has been recommended by mental health care professionals.

Tip Change Your Brainwaves

Create a time and space each day to go into silence and stillness so that you can meditate using Holosync, Hemisync, and other binaural or isochronic sound tracks. If you have uncertainties, or if something is bothering you, ask a question or state an intention before your meditation begins, and then be open to allowing answers to arrive in the stillness of your being. You may hear things, see things, and have amazing insights as your practice continues. It feels AMAZING, and it WORKS. ~Zenren