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PSA: Bipolar Disorder

Video Credit: Anthony Wyborny, Long Beach, CA • Topic: Bipolar Disorder

PSA: Depression

Video Credit: Anders Holine, Woodbury, MN • Topic: Depression

PSA: Bipolar Disorder

Video Credit: Jacob Ahlers, Iowa State University • Topic: Bipolar Disorder

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Original Song: "Never Mind"

Credit: Radio Jesus (Ray Henry Ulrich), Facing Us 2008 Music Contest – 1st Place

Original Song: "Break Your Heart"

Credit: Miria (S. Miria Jo), Facing Us 2008 Music Contest – 2nd Place

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Art: Drawing

Survivor – KCWarthog

Art: Mixed Media

ive CREATE – Valerie D., Sacramento, CA

Tip Listening to Bach

When I listen to an accomplished pianist play Bach it sounds like perfection. The beauty of a piece of music, so old yet so complex. The tone so haunting - yet so precise; only a modern master could produce it. The impression it leaves me is almost impossible to write about or to verbally describe.....Music is at its best when it is a complete abstraction. An event that can't be explained or sentimentalized - it just empties the mind and brings joy. Life's not all bad - good things still left.

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