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Personal Story: Wayne C. Wilson, Austin, TX

Topic: Bipolar Disorder • Title: “Just Me” • 3rd Place Winner in the 2007 DBSA Facing Us Video Contest, Facing Bipolar Disorder

PSA: Bipolar Disorder

Video Credit: Anthony Wyborny, Long Beach, CA • Topic: Bipolar Disorder

PSA: Depression

Video Credit: Anders Holine, Woodbury, MN • Topic: Depression

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Original Song: "It's Roof Over Our Heads"

Credit: Nathan S.

Original Song: "Mind So Broken"

Credit: Mike A. Corey

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The Light

Painting by Pristina J.

Art: Digital Graphic

Hypomania—Rome Loyola

Tip Why do I have to be wright?

I was ask once "Why do you have to be wright?" it took me some time to process. When I thought about it I realized I don't, if I try to explain to someone and they don't agree I am not responsible to change there mind. With the understanding that I don't have to be wright, it has given me peace of mind, less stress, frustration, aggravation. I have less arguments that change my mood instead of having negative thoughts I stay positive and that helps with my mood swings. I hope this will help you.

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