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Personal Story: Wayne C. Wilson, Austin, TX

Topic: Bipolar Disorder • Title: “Just Me” • 3rd Place Winner in the 2007 DBSA Facing Us Video Contest, Facing Bipolar Disorder

PSA: Bipolar Disorder

Video Credit: Anthony Wyborny, Long Beach, CA • Topic: Bipolar Disorder

PSA: Depression

Video Credit: Anders Holine, Woodbury, MN • Topic: Depression

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Schizophrenia and Bipolar btw


Original Song: "It's Roof Over Our Heads"

Credit: Nathan S.

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The Light

Painting by Pristina J.

Art: Digital Graphic

Hypomania—Rome Loyola

Tip Hotelization

Sometimes when I feel stressed out and overwhelmed, I check myself in to a hotel for one or two nights. I call this "hotelization." It's like a mini-hospitalization. It doesn't, of course, make my problems go away, but I get a temporary respite from my stressors and I come back to my daily life refreshed and with new perspective. An inexpensive hotel room is well worth the price if it keeps me from falling apart completely and having to check into the hospital.

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