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The Light

Painting by Pristina J.

Art: Digital Graphic

Hypomania—Rome Loyola

Art: Jewelry

My Recovery from Depression & Anxiety—Sandra B.

Art: Drawing

Cactus Tree—Kurt von Behrmann Online Gallery 48/288

Art: Painting

Depression—Julianne J.

Art: Painting

Fusion—Chelsea S., Madison, WI

Art: Drawing

Many Moods, Many Colors—Rev. Gretta Dahl Hansing, M.S/M.Ed

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Tip Avoid eating all the junk food in the house

When I buy junk food I will get the food and divide it into the recommended portions, putting each portion in a separate ziploc bag. I will keep one bag/portion in the house and the rest of them in the trunk of my car. Then I'll only be able to eat one portion unless I feel like going out to the car to get more. It's winter and it's too cold to go outside unless I need to. Also, I won't impulsively eat while driving because I'd have to pull over to get the food out of the trunk.

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