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Art: Drawing

Meeting Pandora – Jeanette, Minnesota

Art: Drawing

Survivor – KCWarthog

Art: Mixed Media

ive CREATE – Valerie D., Sacramento, CA

Art: Photography

Holly M., Nederland, TX – The discovery of my Bipolar

Art: Painting

Autumn – Ian M.

Art: Painting

Phoenix – Charlotte W., Gastonia, NC


Blue – Charlotte W., Gastonia, NC

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Tip Hurting but hopeful

Lost a job that was a pain in my crack anyway, but I hate to lose. Should have listened to that tiny voice inside that said "This isn't working for me" and left when it was my choice. Still am learning to look at my part and let go of the rest. Doing what I can to stay busy, make successful strides in other areas to balance my sense of accomplishment. Reorganize the house, you know little things like that. BUT when a new job is found, I will be better prepared.

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