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Art: Drawing

Stop Stigma – Jeffrey Streeter

Art: Painting

Untitled – - Ben M Arthur

Art: Painting

Snow Bunny – Ben M Arthur

Art: Painting

Splendid Isolation – Ben M Arthur

Art: Painting

Too Old To Rock n Roll – Ben M Arthur

Art: Grand Prize

Artist: Leslie Wilson, Nashville, TN • Untitled

Art: Facing Bipolar Disorder 1st Place

Artist: Patricia Smith, Tampa, FL • Untitled

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My yoga instructor plays music by the band I Am Not A Gun, my favorite tracks are "Ripples in the Water", "Unseen Moment" and "Letter from the Past". It's kind of ambient music but not as psychedelic, it really helps me to relax either when I cannot seem to sleep or when I'm just doing things around the house. Give it a try and have a moment for your self :)

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