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Personal Story: The Rainbow

Video Credit: John McManamy, Descanso, CA & Sharon Stocks Digiosio, Sedgewickville, MO • Title: “The Rainbow”

Personal Story: The Gift

Video Credit: Roy F. Kirby, Marshfield, MA • Title: “The Gift”

Personal Story: I Am the Face of Recovery

Video Credit: The Western New York Independent Living Project, Buffalo, NY • Title: “I Am the Face of Recovery.”

Personal Story: Hypothesis

Video Credit: Jean-Luc Syndikas & Diahann Lombardozzi, Melbourne, Australia • Title: “Hypothesis”

Personal Story: Sunshine

Video Credit: Lorre Leon Mendelson, Nashville, TN • Title: “Sunshine”

Personal Story: The Face of Relationships

Video Credit: Lisa C., Mariposa, CA • Title: “The Face of Relationships”

Personal Story: Step Into the Light

Video Credit: Jenna Wikler, Northampton, MA • Title: “Step Into the Light”

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Tip Gratitude!

When you are feeling down write a list of everything you are gratefull for. It can be as simple as being gratefull for the air you breathe. To as complex as the people in your life. Also think about how bad some people have it compared to you. Iv been homeless for 2 years before. And just remembering what that was like compared to where I am now opens my eyes wide real quick!

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