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Personal Story: Wayne C. Wilson, Austin, TX

Topic: Bipolar Disorder • Title: “Just Me” • 3rd Place Winner in the 2007 DBSA Facing Us Video Contest, Facing Bipolar Disorder

Personal Story: The Rainbow

Video Credit: John McManamy, Descanso, CA & Sharon Stocks Digiosio, Sedgewickville, MO • Title: “The Rainbow”

Personal Story: The Gift

Video Credit: Roy F. Kirby, Marshfield, MA • Title: “The Gift”

Personal Story: I Am the Face of Recovery

Video Credit: The Western New York Independent Living Project, Buffalo, NY • Title: “I Am the Face of Recovery.”

Personal Story: Hypothesis

Video Credit: Jean-Luc Syndikas & Diahann Lombardozzi, Melbourne, Australia • Title: “Hypothesis”

Personal Story: Sunshine

Video Credit: Lorre Leon Mendelson, Nashville, TN • Title: “Sunshine”

Personal Story: The Face of Relationships

Video Credit: Lisa C., Mariposa, CA • Title: “The Face of Relationships”

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Tip Make Your Bed!

When you get out of bed for the day, take five minutes to make your bed, right away. Fold the blankets neatly, make hospital corners, fluff the pillows, the works. It only takes about 5 minutes tops, gives you a sense of accomplishment first thing, and makes your room look neater. A neater room always makes me feel more in control of my environment, and my depression. It also lessens the chances that I will crawl back into it to go bad to sleep. Crazy, I know, but it works! Give it a try!

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