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Schizophrenia and Bipolar btw


Original Song: "It's Roof Over Our Heads"

Credit: Nathan S.

Original Song: "Mind So Broken"

Credit: Mike A. Corey

Original Song: "Don't Let Me"

Credit: Mike A. Corey

Original Song: "Close Your Eyes"

Credit: Mike A. Corey

Original Song: "It Is What It Is"

Credit: Mike A. Corey

Recovery Topic: 20 Low Cost Tips

DBSA President Sue Bergeson offers “20 Things You Can Do at No or Low Cost to Help You Cope with Depression, Stress, Anxiety or Bipolar Disorder.”

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Tip some beautiful piano music

I like to take out piano music by Bach and just sit and play, not "practicing", just playing. I go along as slowly as I need to and I don't stop. If I miss some notes or play a horrible note, so what! They can be the easiest pieces for kids or the hard ones. I've kept playing them for years - I don't play one more than once - when I'm finished with every one, I start again - this time they get easier, I remember them better and I feel them more. The music is magic. Mozart, Haydn too!

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