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The Light

Painting by Pristina J.

Art: Digital Graphic

Hypomania—Rome Loyola

Art: Jewelry

My Recovery from Depression & Anxiety—Sandra B.

Art: Drawing

Cactus Tree—Kurt von Behrmann Online Gallery 48/288

Art: Painting

Depression—Julianne J.

Art: Painting

Fusion—Chelsea S., Madison, WI

Art: Drawing

Many Moods, Many Colors—Rev. Gretta Dahl Hansing, M.S/M.Ed

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Tip Jem - Save Me

This song, for me, brings a calm when my mind starts racing with negative self talk. It serves a reminder that we can tell ourselves to STOP! the thoughts (sometimes it is easier than others), and that ultimately we have control of what gets through. Save me save me save me wooh-- I've gotta stop my mind -- Working overtime -- It's driving me insane -- It will not let me live -- Always so negative -- It's become my enemy -- Why would I think such things -- Crazy thoughts have quick wings -- Gaining momentum fast -- One minute I am fine -- The next I've lost my mind -- To a fake fantasy -- And none of these thoughts are real -- So why is it that I feel So cut up and so bad -- I need to take control -- Coz my mind is on a roll -- And it isn't listening to me -- Mirror mirror on the wall -- Who's the dumbest of them all -- Insecurities keep growing -- Wasted energies are flowing -- Anger, pain and sadness beckon -- Panic sets in in a second -- BE AWARE, IT'S JUST YOUR MIND -- YOU CAN STOP IT ANYTIME -- Ok so here we go If it works I'll let you know One two three I say STOP!

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