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Collect recipes for success in the kitchen that you can stash in your personal Wellness Book.

What works for me might not work for you, but most of the time it helps! Keeping track of what does and doesn't work, definitely helps. In your wellness book, you can record tips and advice on things you can do to help you to live better each day. You can also read tips others have submitted and, if you'd like, add any of them to your own wellness book.

"Write" a book of tips for yourself, or for a friend—as many as you want. You'll be able to choose a beautiful cover from our gallery of art. New tips will be added weekly, so there will always be new insights and inspiration. Your personal wellness book is also private, although you can choose to share as you wish, so that others may benefit from what you have learned.

Tip Reminder In A Song

One of my favorite rock bands has a song with the lyrics "...the shadow proves the sunshine..." For me that serves as a reminder that there is light at the end of whatever tunnel I find myself in. The shadows (thoughts, feelings, people, experiences, etc) that haunt us are there to show that there is beauty despite pain, if we seek it out. We truly cannot appreciate the rainbow without being drenched every now and then.

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