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Take a seat on the sofa in the living room and create your personal Journal.

Many individuals find keeping a daily journal very helpful. It allows us to acknowledge any worries or fears in a safe, private place. In the process of doing so, quite often a solution will surface or we’ll recognize that the problem isn’t nearly as big or as bad as it seems. It also allows us to acknowledge the positive aspects of our lives, to bring them close to our hearts and minds so that we can face each day with a brighter perspective.

You can use a journal in a multitude of ways—for daily reflection, gratitude practice and creative writing, to name just a few. As a member of the Facing Us Clubhouse, you’ll be able to add as many journal entries as you like, as often as you like, and print your journal at any time. You’ll even be able to select a beautiful piece of artwork for your cover. All your journal entries are private and can not be viewed by anyone else on the site.

Tip It's not all about me

One of the things I don't like about these illnesses is that my focus is so much on ME all the time. How am I feeling? What am I doing? Is this sadness or a depressive downturn? Am I happy or is this a manic upswing? So I try and ask my friends and co workers every day how THEY are, what is new in THEIR life. It gets me out of my own head to practice asking about other people every single day.

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