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Pull up to the desk in the study and invest some time creating a personal Wellness Plan.

Even if we know the way, life can get confusing and it’s very easy to miss a turn or get lost. Sometimes we just need a map! That’s what a wellness plan is—a map to living a more balanced and healthy life. We’ll walk you through, step by step, a program for creating an action plan to help keep your day, and life, on course.

A plan puts you in control of your wellness and gives you a clear picture of what you're working for every day. It also prepares you, and those who support you, to handle the more difficult moments that the illness might bring. Just like the journal, your wellness plan is private and can not be viewed by anyone else on the site.

Tip Telling others about why I act like I do

I am nervous about telling too many people because it makes me feel bad to have a mental illness. However, with my family (who always got the brunt of it anyway) it has helped a great deal with them knowing. Now I can just say a few words and they know that it's time to give mom a little room or she's gonna blow! I can usually just say a few words and my family is learning skills to help me deal with the extremes of bipolar and dissociative disorder.

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